Sustainability Pledge to Act! Group Gathering


Lively conversation and energy filled the room as forty people committed to making their lives more sustainable shared their successes and challenges at the OP Library on May 20th. We met in groups of 10-15 in the 6 topic areas to talk about what we are already doing, and what we plan to do going forward. Ideas and resources were shared to help one another take the steps they are planning. See a brief summary of the primary actions discussed by the various groups.

Pledge group gathering 20May2013As an ongoing support for this group and others that are working on sustainability projects, check out the resources section on  You will find resources for each of the 6 focus topics. (See the links below.)  If there are additional resources that would be useful to you and others please let us know.



Regarding next steps -- we are just starting preparations for the Green Living & Learning Tour this year and we expect to have a couple of sites related to each of the pledge topic areas on the tour, creating more opportunities to learn from one another and be inspired.