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Citizens Climate Lobby

The purposes of Citizens Climate Lobby are

  • To create the political will for a stable climate.

  • To empower individuals to have breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.

Currently the group’s main focus is to build political will for a revenue-neutral carbon tax, a policy that has been supported by economists across the political spectrum and has demonstrated environmental and economic benefits, most recently in the province of British Columbia and in Ireland.

There is a chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby that meets in Oak Park. Meetings are generally held on Saturdays, 11:45-2:00pm, and rotate among one of the library rooms and various members’ homes. For more information contact Ken O’Hare,

For a video of highlights of the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference in Washington DC the summer of 2013.

Also for more information on the Citizens Climate Lobby, see the recent article in the New York Times Opinionator Blog. organizes internationally to combat climate change. The has held simultaneous actions in every country in the world except North Korea. In this country, spearheaded the massive demonstrations in Washington in the summer of 2012 that held off final approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was expected that fall.

Divestment: is now running divestment campaigns asking colleges and cities to divest from fossil fuel companies. There are campaigns on more than 300 campuses.

The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club, the longest-established environmental organization in the country, has recently greatly increased its emphasis on climate change. The Club has a large presence nationally, and its campaigns have caused the cancellation or closure of a large number of coal-fueled power plants. Visit at:

Chicago Youth Climate Coalition

The Chicago Youth Climate Coalition is a group of young adults dedicated to ending the consumption of fossil fuels and transitioning to a just and sustainable society. With members representing eight universities throughout the Chicago area, part of their campaign is bringing divestment to university campuses. Visit at:


American Wind Energy Association

Find out about the latest statistics on wind energy in Illinois, please find the AWEA state fact sheet here.

The AWEA policy team advocates for policies to promote wind energy and educates Members of Congress (MOCs) in Washington, DC and officials in state capitals throughout the country about wind power. While elected officials are receptive to our team, they are most interested in hearing directly from their constituents – people like you who are living and working in the areas that they represent.

You have the power to speak up and let your officials know what issues matter to the wind industry, and what actions they can take to expand clean, affordable, homegrown wind energy in America. They will factor your opinions, as someone living in their district or state, into their decision-making.

You can sign up today to become part of our Power of Wind advocacy network.


Climate Change is Simple     

It is easy to be confused about climate change. There are many aspects and legitimate complications in the subject, but the basic ideas are pretty simple, extremely important, and well-understood by scientists. For a fifteen-minute explanation that lays out the most important features of the problem about as simply and clearly as it can be done, see the TED Talk:  Climate Change is Simple by David Roberts: David Roberts is staff writer at

Climate Progress

Climate Progress is perhaps the best blog on the subject of climate change. New entries appear daily on the science, the technology, and the politics of climate change. The information presented is extremely well-informed. Visit at:

To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million (“ppm”) to below 350 ppm. The most recent measurement of actual parts per million of carbon dioxide has just risen above 400.  Read more about the science behind 350:


Climate 2030: A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Economy

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