2013 Green Living & Learning Tour


UPDATE:  PLEASE GO TO OUR 2013 TOUR PAGE FOR ALL TOUR INFORMATION Save the date! Saturday, September, 28th 2013 Green Living & Learning Afternoon Tour & Evening Celebration

The 2013 Green Living & Learning Tour is that kind of occasion that gives us an opportunity to see what our neighbors are doing to make their lives and our community more resilient and sustainable, and a chance to explore what we can do as well.  Join us for an experience of sustainable, resilient community!



In order to make this year's Tour a great event, we need your involvement in one or more of the following ways:

  • Write it on your calendar and plan to participate in the tour!

  • Give us your ideas for examples of sustainable living that you would like to see included in the tour! Note: It’s okay (even encouraged) to nominate your own home!

  • We need volunteers to make this event happen, so if you would like to be part of the tour planning team or if you would like to be a volunteer on the day of the tour, please let us know! Reply to sallystovall@gmail.com or 773-315-1109.

Check out information on last year’s tour on the Green Community Connections web site.

"We can't create a better world if we haven't yet imagined it.  How much better then, if we are able to touch such a world, experience it directly, and even live it if only for a brief moment."  -- Andrew Boyd, Yes! Magazine