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Food & Water Watch

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Food & Water Watch is a non-profit organization that advocates for common sense policies that will result in healthy, safe food and access to safe and affordable drinking water. Their staff, located in 15 offices in the United States, works with a range of constituencies to inform and hold policymakers accountable.

Some Key Reports:

Water: Use It Wisely

100 Ways to Save Water There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you. Check this list of more ways to increase water conservation in your daily life.

Water Conservation for KIDS Site includes games, lesson plans and coloring pages to engage kids in environmental action.

Now in its 10th year, the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign makes smart water-use fun, easy and practical for everyone. This campaign is all about giving voice to water – your voice. No matter where you need to get the water word out – business, home, classroom, or municipality – we’ve developed a variety of ways to use WUIW as a tool to help spread your own unique water conservation message.

Visit Wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve for water-saving tips!

Nature’s Bounty: What You Need To Know About Harvesting Rainwater

Village of Oak Park Water Conservation Plan

For a big picture look at water conservation in the Village of Oak Park, see the Water Conservation Plan. The Village partnered with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning to create the plan, which focuses on water use and water supply issues. The goal, officials say, is to increase water use efficiency and promote conservation. Please note that pages 34-39 include specific recommendations for residents and businesses. For more information on the plan, call 708.358.5778 or e-mail sustainability@oak-park.us.

Park District of Oak Park:

Park District of Oak Park Environmental Policy: http://www.oakparkparks.com/AboutUs/Env%20Policy%20w%20IPM%204%2022%2010%20FINAL.pdf

Park District of Oak Park Integrated Pest Management policy: http://www.oakparkparks.com/AboutUs/IPM%20policy%20final%204%2010.pdf

Park District of Oak Park Green Initiatives: http://www.oakparkparks.com/AboutUs/GoGreen.htm

Greening Advisory Committee made up of citizen volunteers

OpenlandsConserving Nature for Life

Kris DaPra

Kris DaPra

Founded in 1963, Openlands protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives.

Get Information About:

  • Biking, Hiking & Paddling Trails

  • Trees, Gardens & Landscaping

  • School Programs

  • Classes & Volunteer Opportunities

  • Protecting Our Land & Water

  • Issues & Legislation

  • Farmland Protection

Beyond Pesticides

Toxic pesticides and contaminating chemicals are threatening the health of our ecosystems and people. Pesticides contaminate food, weaken species health, and sicken our children. Beyond Pesticides seeks to protect healthy air, water, land and food for ourselves and future generations. By forging ties with governments, nonprofits and people who rely on these natural resources, we reduce the need for unnecessary pesticide use and protect public health and the environment. Given governmental limitations in providing hands-on services to the public, Beyond Pesticides determine an appropriate course of action by:

  • identifying and interpreting hazards; and,

  • designing safe pest management programs.


EPA program with information and resources about water efficiency.

Lawn Talk

Lawn care information for northern Illinois, including resources for outdoor water efficiency.

Alliance for Water Efficiency

A girl checks her rain barrel.

Website with comprehensive information about water efficiency.


Rainwater harvesting resources.

Gray Water Policy Center

Graywater harvesting and policy information resources.

IL DCEO Utility Rate Studies

Free technical assistance for utility rate studies for local units of government in Illinois.

EPA Watershed Funding Programs

EPA grant funding around watersheds.

American Water Works Association

A non-profit with a wide variety of resources around safe water, including free water audit software for water utilities.