Sushi: The Global Catch


Film Screening & DiscussionSunday, March 9, 2014 - 3-5:00pm/River Forest Public Library 735 Lathrop Ave, River Forest/ Tickets

Directed By - Mark Hall/2012/75 minutes

Sushi, a cuisine formerly found only in Japan, has grown exponentially in other nations, and an industry has been created to support it. In a rush to please a hungry public, the expensive delicacy has become common and affordable, appearing in restaurants, supermarkets and even fast food trailers. The traditions requiring 7 years of apprenticeship in Japan have given way to quick training and mass-manufactured solutions elsewhere. This hunger for sushi has led to the depletion of apex predators in the ocean, including bluefin tuna, to such a degree that it has the potential to upset the ecological balance of the world’s oceans, leading to a collapse of all fish species.

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Sushi: The Global Catch - Trailer from Sakana Films on Vimeo.