One Earth Film Profile: Harmony, a new way of looking at our world

by Gloria Araya 375748_361538557202798_1874714128_nIf I had to pick one word to describe the film Harmony, it would be HOPE.  I loved this film so much that I watched it twice, and I am going to watch it again. This film inspired me, and it filled me with creative energy.

The film addresses current issues of Earth erosion, pollution, energy waste, deforestation, lack of effective urban planning, and more. It also addresses issues of hopelessness among the community, it addresses the dangers of globalization, the effects of industrialized agriculture, as well as how industrialization has fragmented communities.

Continue reading about this film, an official selection of One Earth Film Festival 2014. Harmony will screen at Euclid Ave UMC in Oak Park at noon on 3/9.

Harmony's superb script offers a well thought-out analysis of the problems faced today in reference to the exploitation of natural resources while offering creative solutions inspired by how nature operates. Education, innovation, empowering women, giving voice to those who have no voice, establishing programs that can transform lives and at the same time can be replicated are at the core of this film. One of the most inspiring aspects of this film is the introduction of new, transformative concepts that have the power to revolutionize the way we use natural resources today (e.g., the way Germany recycles waste and Kenya's work on healing-restoring landscape).

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The aspect that touched me the most was how the film took into account the importance of ancient wisdom, showing that by enhancing it through science and technology, we may be able to use it to explain natural phenomena and universal patterns in nature.   We may then find solutions to urgent environmental issues affecting the Earth, humanity, and the livelihood of every species on Earth.

This film is a call to action!  It offers innovative ideas on how to use nature as inspiration and emphasizes the importance of collaboration in search of ideas for a new economy with the power to create a paradigm shift.  The production quality of this film is as superb as the script. I would not be surprised if this film is considered as one of the highlights of the 2014 One Earth Film Festival!

View the trailer and details of the film here.