Oak Park's First Electric Car Parking Permit

In February, Glenn Hunter of Oak Park was issued the first free EV Parking permit for his all-electric vehicle (EV). Branded as the E-Car, it is marketed in the US by Electric Car Company LLC, Bonne Terre, Missouri. Under the current village program all-electric vehicles can park free of charge in Oak Park through 2012. The 5-door, 4-passenger E-Car is intended for urban driving only and is limited to roads with a 35 mph or less speed limit. Mr. Hunter says his car has an operating range of at least 40 miles, costs him about $1.20 to “fill up”, and can be recharged to 50% capacity in 2 hours using 120 v. household current, the only suitable power source.

For $17,010, after 10% federal tax credit, you can start right now saving money, energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Not only does Glenn Hunter drive an E-Car, he also sells them.

See more at http://missionmainstreet.tumblr.com/search/electric+car and http://www.electric-carcompany.com/index.html.