Oak Park Bag Share Project

Vasiliy Ptitsyn/Shutterstock

Vasiliy Ptitsyn/Shutterstock

By Carolyn McCormick

With Oak Park’s single-use bag tax taking effect on January 1, 2018, now is a great time to make carrying reusable bags a habit.

Over the next few months, Green Community Connections will be launching a bag share project. If you have extra reusable bags, you will be able to leave them at one of the bag locations. If you need a bag, or you’re out and about and realize you’ve forgotten yours, you can swing by a bag location and grab a one.

Green Community Connections is currently accepting bag donations from individuals and organizations, and bags can be picked up or delivered. Contact Carolyn [carolyn@greencommunityconnections.org] to schedule a pick up or drop off.

We are also seeking local partners to host bag sites. If you’re affiliated with an Oak Park organization that might be interested in hosting a bag tree or bag bin, contact Carolyn [carolyn@greencommunityconnections.org].

And finally, we need a name for our bag project. If you have ideas, please share them with us [carolyn@greencommunityconnections.org].