Newlyweds Return to Teach Young Filmmakers Workshops

David Arthur Wall and Lauren Travers Wall.

David Arthur Wall and Lauren Travers Wall.

By Lisa Biehle Files

Two Young Filmmakers Workshop teachers will guide the workshops again this year, but as husband and wife rather than an engaged couple. David Arthur Wall and Lauren Travers Wall tied the knot in June, followed by a whirlwind honeymoon in London, Liverpool (The Beatles, duh), Paris, Venice, and Rome.

“We are really excited to be teaching the Young Filmmakers Workshops again,” says Lauren. “We love sharing our love of filmmaking with kids who want to get creative and learn something new.”

Adds David, “We’re hoping to inspire children to tell their stories and one day change the world through one of the most beautiful and powerful mediums available right at their fingertips.”

Lauren graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in digital cinema in 2013. That same year, David graduated from Columbia College with a degree in film and video. So how did their paths even cross?

They both met while working as camp counselors for Steve and Kate’s Camp, a summer program that includes filmmaking as part of its offerings (and has a location in River Forest).

Lauren and David will teach the Young Filmmakers Live Action Filmmaking Workshops to grades 6 to 8 from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 3, as well as to grades 3 to 5 from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 10.

“We want to give an overall understanding of the entire process of movie making,” says Lauren. “Sometimes, people will see the finished product without realizing all the steps involved.”

There are 3 phases to filmmaking:

  • Pre-Production: brainstorming, storyboarding, and working with partners to collaborate.

  • Production: acting, directing, and filming.

  • Post-Production: editing and sound design.

“We want to touch on all steps in the process so kids can realize which specific aspects they like best about filmmaking.” She continues, “Not all directors like to have their hands on the camera, and not all people who like to edit the final product want to draw up the story boards. Each person has different interests and talents. When you get to try them all, that’s when you can home in on what you like best.”

David elaborates, “Our main goal with the workshops is to get kids interested in filmmaking not only as a fun and creative hobby but also as a rewarding career. There are so many avenues to go down in this industry; we want to introduce kids to all aspects of the process.”

Earlier in the year, Lauren worked creating social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Chicago Loop Alliance, and currently she does the same for the James R. Thompson Center. David is a full-time film editor with Guy Bauer Production. Meanwhile, they collaborate on their second official music video for the band The Kickback. Their first official music video was a highly original stop-motion Claymation.

Don’t miss this year’s Young Filmmakers Workshops. To register your kids or grandkids, go here.