"Vote" for Change in our Cook County Food System

Submitted by Debbie Hillman

Opportunity to Complete a Food System Survey for Cook County

This is a MOMENTOUS occasion, to have this opportunity to "vote" and express our opinions in a food system survey conducted by one of the largest counties in the country (part of the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country). This may be the first county-wide survey ever of Cook County residents about food systems and food issues,

Illinois currently imports 95% of the food that we buy

This is especially important because currently we live in a farm state (Illinois) that imports more than 95% of the food that we Cook County residents buy. "Local foods" in Cook County and in Illinois is an economic development strategy of enormous proportion and many facets.

Having a "local" food system means that Cook County residents would be able to EASILY become food entrepreneurs of all kinds -- farmers (producers), processors, distributors, retailers, chefs, composters. This means that our food dollars would stay in Cook County.

Influence local and federal food policy

Taking this survey and working through the county processes that will hopefully result in a county-wide food council will help us all become better educated on the various components of food systems. In turn, we will be better prepared for working on the Farm Bill and other federal policies that have destroyed local food systems in so many communities, nationally and globally.

Take the survey today!

This is a MAJOR opportunity to move our own food system in a positive direction. Here's what you can do: (1) take the survey - How can I complete the survey? You cant.complete the survey online, or to answer this survey in Spanish, please call 708-633-8314; or email jbloyd@ccdph.ne Para contester esta encuesta en espanol, favor de llamar a 708-633-8314; o escriba a jbloyd@ccdph.net. (2) distribute it to your networks, friends, relatives, colleagues -- anyone who LIVES or WORKS in Cook County (Chicago and suburbs).