•  What kind of lock should I get? Depends where you park and for how long. No lock is perfect. “U” locks are effective and convenient. Add a cable to secure the wheels in high-risk areas.

  •  How can I pick a safe and simple route? Consult the Oak Park Bicycle Plan on the Village website. Ask one of us for advice.

    • Who are we?
    • Karl Lauger 708.265.4011
    • Bill Watson 708.997.5524
  •  What can I do to be safe? Try to be as visible as possible (lights, bright-colored clothing, white helmet), but pretend you are invisible. Never trust a car. Avoid car doors! Avoid busy, fast roads. There are many quiet side streets in Oak Park that will take you nearly anywhere you want to go. Use hand signals so that drivers know your intentions.

  • Is the old bike in my garage adequate? Maybe. Pump up the tires and take it for a ride around the block. Check the brakes and the gear shifters. If in doubt, take it in for a tune-up ($80).