The Case for a Federal Carbon Tax

CCL Logo Members of the chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby that meets in Oak Park will host a workshop on “The Case for a Federal Carbon Tax” on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, Oak Park Public Library, Small Meeting Room, 834 Lake Street.  A Carbon Tax is a fee levied on carbon based fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas.This meeting will present the benefits of carbon tax, how it would work and what we can do to enact one.

This event will be interactve and engagement-oriented. There will be several five minute presentations, followed by a substantial period for dialogue and Q&A. The meeting will conclude with opportunities to learn more and become involved through one of four groups -- Citizens Climate Lobby, Green Community Connections,, and/or the divestment campaign.


Who is Citizens’ Climate Lobby?

  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a five-year old, international volunteer organization devoted to creating massive support for climate legislation.
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby now has over 80 chapters in the US and Canada.
  • Members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters write letters to the editor, meet with editorial boards, present educational events, and meet with members of Congress.
  • CCL operates on the theory that engaged citizens can influence legislators to act constructively on the climate crisis.


Carbon Tax and Rebate

Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocates a revenue-neutral carbon tax, with a monthly rebate check to every household.  For information, call Jim Dickert at 708.763.8184 or email:

Submitted by Jim Dickert