Recycling Extravaganza this Saturday

By Lisa Biehle Files

Unload those items cluttering up your basement, garage, or attic. Drop off old electronics, scrap metal, batteries, prescription medications, apparel, and miscellaneous items at District 90's Green4Good Recycling Extravaganza from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 2, at River Forest United Methodist Church, 7970 Lake Street, in River Forest. Drive through the parking lot, entering from Lake Street for easy access. No refrigerators, mattresses, cribs, car seats, plastic ride on toys or hazardous materials, please. Please consider donating to this free event as you drive through. For more information, visit

Electronics include computers, televisions, radios, VCRs, DVD players, toasters, blenders, electric coffee makers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners (take out the dust collection bag, please), monitors, cell phones, answering machines, scanners, printers, keyboards, hard drives, copiers, cable boxes/modems, circuit boards, switches, cameras, projectors, insulated wire/cable, power supplies, de-humidifiers and air conditioners.

Scap Metal includes radiators, metal lawn furniture, metal hangers, rusty swing sets, metal garbage cans, metal garden tools, water heaters, metal railings, metal pots and pans, gutters, metal shovels, metal shelving, metal wagons, metal pipes, metal wheel barrows, metal chicken wire, tomato cages and auto radiators.

Batteries include A-C-D-9 volt, Ni-Cad-Lithium, button, car, motorcycle, sump pump, computer back up, boat, lawn mower and rechargeable.

Prescription Medications for humans or pets.  No liquids, please.

Miscellaneous includes musical instruments, keys, rulers, pencils, crayons, usable spiral notebooks, yarn, rubber stamps, buttons, ink jet cartridges, CFL bulbs (fluorescent tubes), tattered and torn American flags for proper retirement, corks, eye glasses, hearing aids, propane and oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, working and non-working bikes, sewing machines, regular wheelchairs (non-electric), bike helmets, pet items, leashes, collars, crates and blankets.

Apparel of all types includes shoes, belts, hats, purses, towels, linens, and small housewares.