OP Resident Shares Experience with CUB Energy Saver Program

Submitted by Rachel Benoit I began using CUB Energy Saver from Citizens Utility Board in June, 2010 after reading about it in an email from Recyclebank. First I entered the square footage of our home, the type of heating and cooling we used, and the age of a few key appliances like our refrigerator. Then I linked my ComEd account so CUB could track my household electricity usage in dollars and kilowatt hours.

CUB Energy Saver recommended small changes I could make and gave me an estimated energy savings, so I could tell right away what changes would have the biggest impact on our bill. One of the first changes I made was to use dryer balls in our clothes dryer. By tumbling the clothes the dryer ball shortens the time required in the drying cycle and saved minutes off each load. Our estimated savings for using dryer balls was just $7 a year, but it was a very easy change to implement.

We also knew that our washing machine that came with our home purchase in 2009 was on its last leg. But it wasn’t until CUB indicated that an energy-efficient washing machine could save our household an estimated $28 a year that we decided to make the switch sooner rather than later.

Soon I was receiving monthly updates from CUB Energy Saver detailing our savings – by November my report said I’d saved 171 kWh and $24.96 on my bill that month when compared to similarly sized homes in my area. In addition to the report, I also received reward points on energy saver. I’ve cashed in rewards for several free CFL bulbs, a $5 coupon for local business Green Home Experts, and for an online coupon for smart power strips that stop idle current use.

Two years into my experience with CUB Energy Saver, I continue to be inspired to make small changes to save money and energy. In all, CUB Energy Saver estimates I have saved 1,742 kWh and $194 dollars since I joined – it’s absolutely worthwhile!