One Earth Film Festival Reflections

By Sally Stovall

Everywhere I go people start telling me about the film showing that they attended: “It was a really well-done documentary film and a fascinating story” (participant at Haymarket Brewery showing of Lost Rivers). “This was the best post-film discussion that I have ever participated in” (executive producer of Arise at Trinity UCC). “Do you think the main message of the film fest is to go outside?” (9-year old participant at showing of Field Biologist at the Good Earth Greenhouse). “The professor that teaches soil science was so pleased with the film that he says he may start using it in his classes” (Triton College showing of Symphony of the Soil). “The film was an inspiring story of human transformation” (participant at Ground Operations:  From Battlefields to Farmfields). “My daughter loved the children’s film program and activities at the OP Library. She got so much out of it” (father of 7-year old participant).

That’s what makes it all worthwhile: knowing the ripples that flow from the film events – the connections that are made, the unanticipated outcomes, and the new learning and engagement that happens as a result.  Please keep your stories coming!

This couldn’t happen without the support of our sponsors, the collaboration with our venue partners, the talent and knowledge of our facilitators, panelists and action partners, the energy of our planning team and volunteers, and of course, the openness of our participants.  Thank you to each and all for another great One Earth Film Festival.

Two ways you can still participate:

  • VOTE by MARCH 25 for your favorite film to be the “FESTIVAL CHOICE”! Cast a vote for your favorite inspiring and solution-oriented film, and help us select the Festival Choice film which will be shown as part of Chicago's Earth Day celebration.

  • Take the PARTICIPANT SURVEY by MARCH 31 and help us shape next year's fest. Participating in this survey enters you for a chance to win a private film screening.