One Earth Film Festival Receives Recognition from the City of Chicago

By Julia Evans

One Earth Film Festival is proud and honored to be recognized by Karen Weigert,  chief sustainability officer for the City of Chicago, as a regional leader for sustainability. The festival's growth over the past four years has pushed the event beyond the borders of Oak Park and River Forest, establishing a strong presence in Chicago and throughout the greater Chicago area. This expansion demonstrates that interest and participation in solution-oriented discussion and action is growing and that change, truly is possible. Ms. Weigert officially declared her support of One Earth Film Festival through a letter, which reads:

December 3, 2014

Dear Sustainability Leader:

I am writing in support of the One Earth Film Festival, which uses the medium of film to educate about sustainability challenges and solutions -- and which partners with local organizations, institutions, businesses, and municipalities to provide citizens concrete pathways for environmental action.

As the Midwest's premier environmental film festival, One Earth Film Festival is the only event of its kind and reach in the region. Since its launch in 2012 it has attracted a combined 4,500 attendees.  During its 2014 event, viewers from 88 zip codes and 6 states were counted among its audiences. Additionally, One Earth Film Festival enacts its missions to raise awareness of sustainability, climate change and the power of people by collaborating with more then 140 partners and sponsors, and over 200 volunteers. 

View the complete letter here: OneEarthFilmFest_City-of-Chicago_Letter-of-Support2014Dec (1)

One Earth Film Festival is originally based in sustainability-minded Oak Park amd River Forest, but this past year underwent a broad expansion in Chicago and therefore seeks to continue its trajectory of involvement as an environmental leader in Chicagoland and the region. It is in this context that One Earth Film Festival will be formally supporting all seven topic areas in the Sustainable Chicago 2015 plan, with the offerings in its final March 2015 film program. 

One Earth Film Festival is emerging as a leader in bringing citizens together -- in dialogue as well as action -- around a multitude of sustainability topics, in order to bring concrete and measurable change.  As such, the City of Chicago is pleased to express its support for this event, and for its approach in incorporating the topic areas of Sustainable Chicago 2015. 


Karen Weigert

Chief Sustainability Officer

View the official letter here: OneEarthFilmFest_City-of-Chicago_Letter-of-Support2014Dec (1)