One Earth Film Festival 2012 in Oak Park & River Forest

by Amy Boruta

The “Next Big Thing” in Oak Park/ River Forest

Are you eco-minded and interested in participating in a thought-provoking event?  Do you want to learn more about the how we can live more sustainably and how you can get involved?  Green Community Connections (GCC) is planning the One Earth Film Fest 2012 that will take place on April 27th 29th.  The One Earth Film Festival was inspired by the Washington DC Environmental Film Festival which celebrated its 20th year last month with over 30,000 participants.  GCC’s film festival planning team has been honored to have the opportunity to get expert advice from the organizers of the DC film fest on films and festival production.  The GCC planning team anticipates great support from the community and throughout the Chicago area for the debut of the One Earth Film Festival in Oak Park / River Forest. Distinguished Environmental Films

Up to two-dozen long and short films on topics related to climate change, sustainability, and the power of human involvement are being selected.  Over 300 films have been evaluated, more than 70 have been screened, and many of those selected have received critical acclaim within the environmental film community. There will be some films created by local Chicago-area filmmakers, and there will be films for the whole family.  The screenings will take place throughout Oak Park/ River Forest over the weekend and will be kicked off with a celebratory event on Friday evening, April 27th that celebrates the intersection with Arbor Day.

 7 Great Reasons to Participate in the One Earth Film Festival

  1. See thought-provoking, transformative films that provide insight into climate change, sustainability, and the power of human involvement.
  2. Springtime in Oak Park and River Forest is spectacular.
  3. This is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the challenges and be inspired by the solutions portrayed in the films.
  4. You can enjoy a pre- or post-film meal at one of our great area restaurants.
  5. Be part of something important.
  6. Have fun watching films and getting to know like-minded people!
  7. You will leave feeling more hopeful.

Stay Informed & Get Involved

A full schedule of films and locations will be available on the Green Community Connections web site and on our Facebook page by April 10th, or follow us on twitter to stay informed about this event.

If you would like to be a part of the team of volunteers that is making this event happen, we still have a few openings, and would appreciate your participation especially if you have skills/experience in: PR, web marketing, organizing, photography, social media marketing, videography, greeting and hosting people, and website tech skills. If you are interested in participating in the planning or volunteering during the event, please contact Amy Boruta.