Soil Carbon Cowboys


Sunday March 6th, 6:30 pm/ 19th Century Club/ Tickets(Arrive at 5:30 pm to experience the Nissan Electric LEAF)

Please join us for our Closing Screening & Reception!

  Soil Carbon Cowboys will be paired with 2 other short films, Food for Thought, Food for Life and Man in the Maze. The program features post-film discussion about the regeneration of our food systems, our health, and ultimately our society. Refreshments and opportunities for relevant local action will also be shared. Facilitator: Seamus Ford, Co-Founder, Root Riot Urban Garden Network


Peter Byck/ 2014/ 12 min/ Food, Agriculture

FILM DESCRIPTION: Meet Allen Williams, Gabe Brown and Neil Dennis - heroes and innovators! These ranchers now know how to regenerate their soils while making their animals healthier and their operations more profitable. They are turning on their soils, enabling rainwater to sink into the earth rather than run off. And these turned on soils retain that water, so the ranches are much more resilient in drought. Soil Carbon Cowboys is an amazing story that has just begun.