One Earth Film Festival Announces Official 2013 Selections!

We are thrilled to announce the list of One Earth Film Festival 2013 Official Selections, presented here in an alphabetical sort.  Read the film synopses and view the trailers to start planning your festival weekend.  Tickets/reservations are available.  Get an at a glance schedule here.  See a schedule list here.

While we are making every effort to schedule each of the films listed here, sometimes problems arise that necessitate a change in the program.  Therefore, please be aware that the films and schedule are subject to change.

Check back often for programming notes and updates.


The Age of Stupid - Sat Mar 2, 3P - Mature theme

Bag It   is your life too plastic? - Sat Mar 2, 3P - FAMILY

Bikes Belong - Sat Mar 2, 3P

Black Gold - Thu Feb 21, 7P (clip); Sat Mar 2, 7P

Call of Life - Sun Mar 3, 6P - Mature theme

Chasing Ice - Mon Feb 11, 7P; Sat Mar 2, 10:30A - Rated PG

Change for the Oceans - Sat Mar 3, 12:30P - FAMILY

The Clean Bin Project - Sun Mar 3, 3P - FAMILY

Contested Streets:  Breaking New York City Gridlock - Sat Mar 2, 3P

Declaration of Interdependence - Fri Mar 1, 7P; Sun Mar 3, 6P

Designing Healthy Communities PBS Series: Searching for Shangri-La - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P

Dying Green - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P - Mature theme

Fairtrade Africa - Thu Feb 21, 7P; Sat Mar 2, 7P

First Snow in the Woods - Sat Mar 2, 10A - FAMILY

Food Patriots (70 mn rough cut) - Tue Feb 12, 7P - FAMILY; Sun Mar 3, 12P (clip only)

For the Price of a Cup of Coffee - Thu Feb 21, 7P

A Forest in Flux - Sat Mar 2, 3P - FAMILY

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P

Houston, We Have a Problem - Sat Mar 2, 3P - Mature theme

Ingredients:  The Local Food Movement Takes Root - Sun Mar 3, 12P

Killowatt Ours - Sun Mar 3, 12:30P - FAMILY

Last Call at the Oasis - Sat Mar 2, 7P - Rated PG

The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary - Sat Mar 2, 3P - FAMILY

The Mantis Parable - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P - FAMILY

Papiroflexia - Sat Mar 2, 12:30 - FAMILY

Pipe Dreams - Sun Mar 3, 1P

Play Again - Sat Mar 2, 3P - FAMILY

Ride of the Mergansers - Sat Mar 2, 12:30A - FAMILY

A Sea Change - Sun Mar 3, 3P

A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW - Sun Mar 3, 12:30P - FAMILY

Snowflakes and Carrots - Sat Mar 2, 10A - FAMILY

Split Estate - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P

The Story of Change - Sun Mar 3, 12:30P

Surviving Progress - Sun Mar 3, 12:30P

Stories of TRUST - Calling for Climate Recovery - Various programs - FAMILY

Waterlife - Sat Mar 2, 12:30P

A Wild Idea - Sun Mar 3, 1P

Working Bikes - Sat Mar 2, 3P


The views and opinions expressed in any film and/or discussion are those of the producers of the films and/or the persons making the statements during the film program and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of One Earth Film Festival or Green Community Connections or any of their sponsors.