Lighted Crosswalks Debut on Roosevelt Road


Making our Community Safer for Walking and Biking

Crossing Roosevelt Road at Lombard Avenue, Gunderson Avenue and Home Avenue should be a little safer now that lighted crosswalks have been installed. In-roadway warning lights, as they are officially known, were installed as part of the Roosevelt Road streetscape improvement project.  In-Roadway Warning Lights (IRWL) were developed to reduce crosswalk accidents, improve pedestrian safety, and decrease the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths caused by driver inattention or limited visibility conditions. 

In addition to the fl ashing beacons and enhanced signage erected for most mid-block pedestrian crossings, the new In-Roadway Warning Light crosswalks include solar-powered LED lights placed within the roadway pavement along the marked crosswalk. They are activated by pedestrian push-buttons located on each side of the crosswalk.The fl ashing lights warn motorists in advance of the crosswalk to brake to a full stop for crossing pedestrians.

Even though state law requires motorists to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks, officials say pedestrians can have difficulty getting the right of way without traffic signs or signals, a situation the warning lights may help to remedy. Pressing a button activates a signpost beacon and flashing, in-pavement lights, giving the pedestrian about 30 seconds to cross before the system automatically turns off. The energy-efficient LED lights are solar powered.

Officials caution pedestrians to be sure vehicles are stopped before proceeding into the crosswalk. The crosswalks selected for the lighted crossings had the most pedestrians and pedestrian incidents, officials say. For more information regarding these and other enhancements as part of the Roosevelt Road streetscape project, visit