Just Eat It

"Just Eat It" (2014) 75 Minutes

Filmmaker: Jen Rustemeyer

One Earth Film Festival Rating: 12+

TICKETS - Sunday, March 8, 3 PM - Oak Park Public Library, 2nd Floor Veterans Room, 834 Lake Street

BEST CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY--Edmonton International Film Festival, BEST CANADIAN FEATURE--Planet in Focus, PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD--Calgary International Film Festival

Stay for an enlightening post-film discussion with Urban Farmer Jessica Rinks of Purple Leaf Farms, Oak Park and River Forest Food Pantry Board Member Betsy Backes, and Village of Oak Park Recycling Manager Karen Rozmus.

Despite the growing number of people experiencing hunger and food insecurity, the culinary pursuit of beautiful food comes at the cost of millions of pounds of wasted edibles. Acclaimed documentary “Just Eat It” uncovers the world of rejected, ‘ugly’ but otherwise delicious food wasted at every level of the chain from farm to retail to our own fridge.  Learn what change is being made and how you can modify your own food habits to reduce waste.