Join Sugar Beet Co-op and receive $10 gift card!


As part of the Sugar Beet's May MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION, now through May 31, 2013, Green Home Experts will offer a $10 gift card for the next 20 new members who join! What is The Sugar Beet Co-op?

  • A FULL SERVICE GROCERY STORE The Sugar Beet Co-op will make local, sustainably grown foods more accessible to our community. Sourcing from the vendors that already serve our community at The Oak Park Farmers' Market, we will provide a farmers' market experience all year round and every day. A wide variety of products (from diapers to craft beer!) will be available at the store as well.
  • A COMMUNITY CENTER THAT CELEBRATES GOOD FOOD The Sugar Beet Co-op will be a community gathering place for people to learn about our local food system and our farmers, take cooking classes and share recipes and kitchen tips, and learn skills that help us make good food more affordable for all. We are planning to have a café onsite as well as a deli and prepared foods counter.
  • A HUB FOR LEARNING AND SHARING Unlike other food co-ops, The Sugar Beet Co-op is building a nonprofit organization that will work in tandem with the grocery store. We are already organizing educational events and are collaborating with local organizations to inspire people to make better food choices for our health and our planet's health.

Why YOU should join The Sugar Beet Co-op!

  • Your lifetime, family membership contribution of $250 will help us build the equity we need to help us secure banks loans and other funding. (note* there are reduced-rate memberships for seniors, students and those who receive LINK benefits)
  • Members will help guide the development of the co-op. Your input is important as we strive to create a grocery store and community center that serves everyone.
  • Although the co-op will be open to all, our members can receive discounts on groceries, classes and may be eligible to receive dividends when the co-op turns a profit.
  • Your membership contribution is safe with us! Your membership will be refunded in the unforeseen event that the grocery store isn't launched.
  • We are having a lot of fun creating a unique community of food lovers that are building something meaningful together!

Please take a moment to check out the Membership Details on our website. You may join on the site through paypal and there are many subscription plans to make this financially accessible to all.

Once you have joined, we will email your $10 Gift Certificate to Green Home Experts and follow-up with you to thank you!

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