"I Can Fly" Youth Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Jim Hudgins USFWS/flickr

Jim Hudgins USFWS/flickr

By Ana Garcia-Doyle

Green Community Connections, One Earth Film Festival, and its partners are hosting a youth leadership program, "I Can Fly",this Summer. High school youth living in the Austin community of Chicago are eligible to apply HERE, through any one of our partnering organizations (Douglass High School, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Loretto Hospital). Eligible youth must complete THIS APPLICATION FORM and submit it online or in person (instructions here)NO LATER THAN Wed, June 28, 2017. Accepted youth will be notified by the program start date of July 5th.

For a Summary of the program, which  will involve, among other things, the planting of native monarch butterfly gardens as well as edible garden beds by youth in Chicago’s Austin community, see here.

The program kicks off with a FREE film screening of the acclaimed film Can You Dig This?on Thursday evening, June 29th, at Harambee Garden in Chicago's Austin community. Get details and to reserve your free ticket now.

To support the program with cash, food, or supply donations, please contact ana@oneearthfilmfest.org ASAP.