House Plants 101 Seminar



By Bill Sieck

House Plants 101 Seminar will take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 24, at the Good Earth Greenhouse, 7900 Madison St., in River Forest.

1. Why have houseplants? Indoor gardening, interior decoration, clean the air (why NASA cares - and you should too).

2. Different types of houseplants. Shape, size, light requirements, longevity.

3. Containers: Pots,  trays, terrariums.

4. Most common problems: Wrong light, overwatering, temperature/humidity, pests, diseases, corrective measures.

5. Recommended plants: "Bulletproof," unusual, spectacular, seasonal/short term.

6. Resources: Books, NASA, websites.

This free event is sponsored by the Learning Gardens of Oak Park. Please RSVP by emailing