Home Energy Efficiency Program Extended


Energy Impact Illinois (EI2), the US Department of Energy and utility supported home energy efficiency program, has been extended through most of the summer. Instead of ending on May 1st, the program will cover work that is completed by August 26th.

Scores of people in Oak Park, River Forest, Chicago, and others have already taken advantage of the program. What they get is “one-stop shopping”: qualified energy auditors from EI2 come and analyze what can be done to weatherize the house, at what expense, and providing what savings. EI2 connects people up with contractors that are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted and have a an extra certification from Building Performance Institute.

If the homeowner decides to proceed with the recommended improvements, the program subsidizes 70% of the cost of the work, up to $2500 ($1750 subsidy). For most houses, the work does not exceed $2500 so the homeowner's expense does not exceed $750.

The result is a more comfortable home, lower heating and cooling bills, and less CO2 emissions contributing to global warming.

The August 26th deadline is not far away. People who call now for an assessment are getting appointments in June. Once the assessment is done, the homeowner makes the decision whether to go ahead with the work, signs an agreement, schedules the work, and gets it done. Most often it is a one-day job, usually focused on air sealing in the basement and insulation in the attic. All of this must be complete by August 26th to qualify for the subsidy. (The program calls it a “rebate” – but it is paid directly to the contractor and the homeowner never has to put out more than his/her 30% share.)

Interested people in Oak Park and River Forest can call: Pamela Brookstein at (708) 252-0623.  (Get your energy assessment free by hosting a "house party" - see what this is all about in this video.)

Others in the six-county area can call EI2 at 1-855-9-IMPACT.