Green4Good's Recycling Extravaganza -- May 5th, 8am to 1pm

The Green4Good committee of District 90 is hosting a Recycling Extravaganza -- drop-off recycling event Saturday, May 5, 2012, from 8 am to, 1 pm rain or shine at the parking lot of River Forest United Methodist Church, located on the northeast corner of Lake Street and Thatcher Avenue (7970 Lake Street). WHAT TO BRING: ELECTRONICS:  computers-televisions-radios-VCRs-DVD players-toasters-blenders-electric coffee makers-microwaves-vacuum cleaners (take out the dust collection bag)-monitors-cell phones-dial phones-answering machines-scanners-printers-keyboards-hard drives-copiers-cable boxes/modems- circuit boards-switches-cameras-projectors-insulated wire/cable-power supplies NO de-humidifiers, air conditioners or refrigerators SCRAP METAL: washers-dryers-radiators-metal lawn furniture-metal hangers-rusty swing sets-metal garbage cans-metal garden tools-water heaters-metal railings-metal pots and pans-gutters-metal shovels-metal shelving-metal wagons-metal pipes-metal wheel barrels-metal chicken wire-tomato cages-auto radiators-radiators

BATTERIES: A-C-D-9 volt-Ni Cad-Lithium- button batteries-car-motorcycle-sump pump-computer back up-boat, lawn mower batteries-rechargeable

MISCELLANEOUS: tattered and torn American Flags for proper retirement-bicycles-sewing machines-regular wheelchairs (no electric)-bike helmets-bike baskets-eyeglasses-hearing aids-keys-rulers-pencils, crayons, usable spiral notebooks, yarn-rubber stamps-buttons, musical instruments -ink jet cartridges-corks, propane tanks-fire extinguishers-plastic bags-plastic dry cleaning bags-plastic newspaper sleeves-prescription medications-shoes-CFL bulbs (no fluorescent tubes)-#5 plastics TEXTILE RECYCLING: Torn, tattered or stained clothing, fibrous material and clothing scraps nondurable goods such as sheets, towels, blankets

Animal Shelter Needs:  collars-leashes-carriers, etc.