How do you create a healthier life - and planet? With Food Patriots!


Sponsored by South East Oak Park Community OrganizationOne Earth Film Festival is hosting a FREE sneak preview of the 70  minute rough cut of the film Food Patriots.  Join Chicago-based filmmaker, Jeff Spitz, to view and discuss his film on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at Irving School in Oak Park, IL at 7 p.m. Food Patriots focuses on an issue that directly touches all of us — food.  The film tells personal stories that show ordinary people taking control of food and creating healthier lives, a less polluted environment, a new sense of community and new jobs.  

Touched by his son's struggle with food-borne illness, filmmaker Jeff Spitz weaves one family's story into a tapestry of stories about people who are changing the way Americans eat, buy and educate the next generation about food.

View the Food Patriots trailer (below) featuring Jeff and his wife, Jennifer Amdur Spitz, of Groundswell Educational Films.

Visit the Food Patriot's website to learn more and to "join the revolution"!