Still Time to Opt Out of the Brown Energy Default


According to data provided by Constellation via Rob Cole, Oak Park Assistant Village Manager,  as of May 8th a total of 3300 households, approximately 15%, OPTED OUT, of the default Brown Energy Option offered by the village.  Thank you to all who took the initiative to choose a green energy plan! While 15% of households opting out of brown energy is commendable, this means that 85% of households are still purchasing the default aggregation mix of coal, natural gas and nuclear energy sources.  This is why we are asking the Oak Park Village Board to make 100% renewable energy the DEFAULT community aggregation option in 2015!

For those of you that missed the original window to enroll in the 100% renewable energy option, the good news is that there is still time!  Constellation Energy will allow Oak Park customers who are in the Aggregation program to continue to enroll in the 100% renewable energy option at any time.  Requests received after May 8th may not take effect in-time for the first billing cycle.

To enroll in the 100% renewable energy option through Constellation:itisnttoolate-222x300

  • You’ll need to have your ComEd account number ready, then call 800.718.1493 and tell the Constellation Customer Service Rep  that you live in Oak Park and that you want to enroll in the 100% renewable energy option.  Please note that Constellation's per kwh rate offered to Oak Park residents is fixed for 1 year at 7.57 cents.

Please help spread the word to others so we can continue to grow the renewable energy industry!