Energy Impact Illinois Offers OPRF Residents Opportunities for Big Savings

Adapted from information provided by Gary Cuneen Energy has been named as the number one environmental concern by Oak Park / River Forest residents in two recent surveys conducted by Green Community Connections. Since the majority of Oak Park homes were built in the early 1900’s, it’s not hard to understand why. Bonnie Marx, owner of Green Energy Improvements, says that according to the company’s estimates 25-40% of a home’s electric and gas costs are wasted on heating and cooling air that actually leaks out of the building through cracks and crevices. Marx says this can be fixed.

At least one Oak Park home has taken advantage of the Energy Impact Illinois to make improvements that will save an estimated $2,408 annually on utility bills and reduce their energy usage by 35%. Homeowners, Gary and Erica Cuneen, worked with Green Energy Improvements and to achieve these significant savings, while also making the building more safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. “Getting this work done by participating in Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) was a no brainer for us. The program helped provide up-front financing which we can easily pay back with the monthly savings on our energy bills. The program was efficient and easy, and the third party review of the work done gave us peace of mind that we were getting the value that was promised”.

Erica Cuneen, a certified Eco-Broker and owner of Beyond Properties Realty Group, added, “Not only is our two-flat more comfortable, but having this work done makes it a more valuable property for buyers should we ever decide to sell. I tell my clients all the time that adding energy-efficient upgrades gives them an edge in the real estate market. I love putting my money where my mouth is, especially when I get it right back in comfort and savings!”

GreenChoice Bank provided the loan to the Cuneens to help them get the work done. Jon Levey, Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer GreenChoice Bank said: "GreenChoice Bank is excited about our participation as a lender for the Energy Impact Illinois Residential Loan program. The program offers much needed capital to support energy efficient improvements within our communities.

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