Energy Impact Illinois - Low Interest Loans for Energy Efficiency Improvements


Energy Impact Illinois is an alliance between government groups, utilities and consumer advocates with the mission of helping residents and businesses reduce energy use and costs.   See web site to:

  • Learn. Read through the resources to understand more about energy efficiency and how you can start saving today.
  • Find energy saving actions and financial resources. Use MyHomeEQ to get personalized recommendations based on your home and its energy usage. Or, visit the “Find Energy-Saving Actions” tool to learn about more actions you can take and find incentives, rebates or low interest loans that are available to you.
  • Upgrade a broken or outdated appliance. If something breaks down or you need to replace an appliance, learn about options for selecting a more efficient model and making other improvements in your home at the same time to maximize savings.
  • Find trusted energy professionals. If you have a project that requires a professional, our “Find an Energy Professional” page can direct you to experienced contractors in your area.