Community Profile: Kids Give Thanks for Nature

If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it,” writes David Sobel in Beyond Ecophobia The natural world inspires such joy in children. Whether they are counting stars in the sky or inspecting a fuzzy brown caterpillar, we see the wonder in their eyes and hear the glee in their voices. With Thanksgiving approaching, Green Community Connections asked children in our community what they are thankful for in nature.

Here's what they said:

  • Even the best scientists couldn't do what nature can do. Nature's shells are created very specifically. I like seashells because of their patterns and structure. They are pieces of glory.—Jana, 6th grade

  • I love when the leaves change colors. —Alex, 4th grade

  • What makes me happy is the moon in the sky, especially when it is really full and bright.— Sam, 9th grade

  • I am thankful for the giant honey crisp apples we buy from the supermarket —they're so yummy and crunchy. —Daniel , 4th grade

  • Winter is coming, and you can make snowballs and snow-mans! —Claudia, pre-K

  • When I'm not feeling well, I go outside and breathe the fresh air. It makes me feel a lot better. —Izzy, 6th grade

  • You can build fairy houses. I love them. —Elise, 4th grade

  • My brother caught a caterpillar that was light green with black stripes. It was fat and short. I thought it was interesting because we normally don't see that many caterpillars in the backyard like that. —Cecilia, 7th grade

  • I was doing a handstand, and I fell over and looked up and stared at the night sky filled with stars. I realized I'll never see that exact night sky again. Life goes on, and I'm thankful for every day we have. —Ella, 6th grade

  • Our neighbor gave me a big zucchini she grew from her garden. My mom made a salad out of it. But I didn't eat it. I don't like zucchini. —Zephy, 4th grade

  • What makes me the happiest is that I can play when I'm outside. I am thankful for the trees that I can climb and the air that I breath to make me stay alive.—Simon, 5th grade

  • I love the misty rain. It smells good. —Ivy, 4th grade

  • Trees and flowers make our surroundings look better. — Jack, 6th grade

  • I love animals, like my cat. She makes me laugh because, before she pounces, she wiggles her body. —Maddy, 6th grade

  • What I think is cool is I saw this plant that, when you touch it, it curls up. —Maeve, 4th grade

  • Nature makes the seasons change. But I don't like winter...well, I do, but it's cold! — Emily, 4th grade

Our children will inherit this beautiful planet, as well as some frightening problems.

If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it," writes David Sobel in Beyond Ecophobia.

So if we are concerned about our children's future, let's encourage their love for the animals and plants, as well as the air, soil and water around them.

At dinner or bedtime tonight, have a conversation about why your family is grateful for our beautiful planet. What was their favorite natural discovery recently? What foods, animals, plants or trees do they love best? How does nature make their heart sing? We invite you to post your comments on our facebook page or you can email them to:

Submitted by Laurie Casey