Calling all Renters and Condo owners – share your accomplishments, ideas & challenges!

Roadblocks to adopting green practices

After the recent Green Connections Bike Tour on September 24th, we asked participants to complete a survey giving us feedback on their experience with the tour and also general feedback on what green practices they would like to implement and the roadblocks that they face.  The most common roadblock that we heard was the cost or financial resources required for the initial investment.  The second most common roadblock was lack of skill, knowledge and support to make the changes they would like to make.

Limits of apartment & condo living

The third most common roadblock were the limitations that come with living in an apartment or condo, including limited yard space, and the restrictions associated with condo board decision-making.

The Green Community Connections team knows that renters and condo owners can and do participate in many environmentally sound projects in their homes, but we also recognize the unique challenges that renters and condo-dwellers face.   Since apartments and condos make up almost half of our housing units, we’d like to know more from you as to what you have done to live more sustainably, what challenges you have faced, what ideas do you have, and what kind of support is needed to help support you or your landlord or your condo board in implementing sustainable practices.

Look for a survey -- coming soon -- and please share your feedback!

One of the suggestions for how we might improve the tour if we do it in the future is to include visits to apartments and condos where energy efficiency and conservation retrofits have been made.  To get a jump start on that idea, we'd like to learn more from you.  In the coming two weeks, we will send a survey specifically for apartment and condo dwellers as well as apartment building owners and invite your input on the above questions.