Bike Walk Oak Park Meets Up

KK Tan/Shutterstock

KK Tan/Shutterstock

By Sally Stovall

Bike Walk Oak Park is a new, informal group that encourages and advocates biking, walking, and transit in Oak Park.

Guest Bill McKenna, Oak Park Village Engineer, will discuss progress and challenges identified by the group at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 21, at Oak Park Public Library, Main Branch, 834 Lake St., 1st Floor Community Room, in Oak Park.

Priorities and topics might include:

  • Bike Infrastructure

  • Bike lanes should be painted and well-marked

    1. Need north-south biking artery (or two)

    2. Execute on greenways in Bike Plan

    3. Bike racks should be visible and plentiful

  • Sidewalks

  • Sidewalks are not friendly for walking (little space with poles, parking, outdoor cafes, etc)

    1. Crosswalk lights are often not working

  • Streets/Intersections

  • Improve street paving

    1. Reorient streets by removing parking on one side or creating one-way streets. This could make room for more bike lanes or expanded sidewalks.

    2. Improve signal and intersection issues

    3. Madison - improve for biking and walking

  • Transit access - not all stations are handicap accessible

  • Engage with schools - install bike racks, change school policy to allow biking, encourage with Safe Routes to School programming

  • Encouragement campaign - promote biking, walking, and good behavior in Oak Park

  • Construction zones - zones often do not accommodate bike/ped

  • Eisenhower rebuild - get involved in the planning process to advocate for bike/ped

For questions: Maggie Melin, Active Transportation Alliance, 312.216.0475