Baby Oaks Looking for a Home!

Submitted by Julie Samuels We are in the process of finding homes for about 80 oak saplings currently living at the Oak Park Conservatory…and another, larger number living at the Morton Arboretum.   These "baby oaks" were grown from acorns gathered from Oak Park's oldest oak trees and are part of the Historic Oak Propagation Project. Consider planting a historic oak seedling together as a family so your children can connect with nature and participate in a project that will bring long-term benefits to future generations.

Please let me know if you can help us find homes for these babies – all cute as buttons!   Any ideas you may have to advertise, display posters or even adopt a baby tree of your own would help.  Or, best of all, if you know of people, friends -- neighbors, schools, churches…business associations!  -- anyone who would like to adopt one, please send them a HOPP Adoption Form and share a HOPP Poster and a HOPP two-sided flyer with them as well.

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