Add Green to Your Block Party

Poster for Green Block Parties

By Sally Stovall

Green Events for your block party help build stronger relationships between the people and nature on your block!

Host a presentation with Q&A and Show&Tell:

  • Composting & Vermicomposting

  • Butterfly Gardening

  • Edible Gardening

  • Organic Lawn Care

Steps to Schedule a Green Event for your Block Party:

  • Complete the village block party application.

  • After your date is confirmed, select one of the Green Block Party activities listed above. Complete the village’s Green Block Party Request Form.

If you are planning a DIY green-themed activity for your block party please let us know so we can give you credit and share your ideas.

“Do It Yourself” Ideas for Green Events at Block Parties:

Most blocks have awesome expertise and resources among the residents on the block. Click here for examples of green-themed activities.

We look forward to lots of creative DIY green block parties.  Please share your stories and photos with us!