2014 Young Filmmakers Contest Winners

FilmFest-logo-contest2014-web(1)The One Earth…Our Earth Young Filmmakers Contest is pleased and proud to announce the winners for 2014!
  • High School category: Hinsdale Central Ecology Club. “What Will You Do?” A film about transportation by:  Stephanie Jamilla, Josh Feldman, Rachel Chang, and Wendy Li.  Young Filmmakers attend Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois.
  • Middle School category: Pineapple Productions: Ana Shack, Lillian Lowson, Marta Rohner, Isabella Saracco Haley Gladden and Cia Gladden.  "Earth 2114." A film about water usage and resources.  Young Filmmakers attend:  Roosevelt Middle school in River Forest, Illinois.
  • Elementary School category: Jaxon Toppen, Danny Scholvin and Ray Deogracias. "Where Did The Rest of Us Go?" A film about electronic waste.  Young Filmmakers attend:  Willard Elementary School in River Forest, Illinois.
Screening of all films will be held at Beye School in Oak Park Saturday March 8th at 1pm.  Screenings will be followed by an award ceremony and an opportunity to speak with the young filmmakers.