Oak Park EEC now accepting 2013 Green Award nominations!

The Oak Park Environment & Energy Commission is presenting Green Awards in recognition and appreciation of specific deeds or actions that embody and advance the mission of the Village of Oak Park to work toward a sustainable and secure future.  By celebrating these achievements, the EEC hopes to inspire more such ventures. Nominations for 2013 must be received by September 20, 2013.  NOTE NEW DEADLINE - NOW EXTENDED! Get the nomination form here: 2013 Green Awards Form


Nominations may be submitted by anyone on behalf of any person, organization, group, or business. For questions contact Karen Rozmus at 708.358.5707 or e-mail rozmus@oak-park.us. Nominations for 2013 must be received by September 20, 2013.


2012 Green Awards Winners

1.  Robert Morris University in recognition of its sensitivity to Oak Park’s sustainability goals in the development of Eyrie Restaurant.

2.  Beye Elementary  School in recognition of excellence in Zero Waste practices and 4th and 5th grade Green Ambassadors.

3.  Sam and Phyllis Bowen in recognition of their creative use of space by building a vegetable and flower garden on the roof of their new garage.

4.  Debbie Becker for leading the way to change the village ordinance to legalize beekeeping.

5.  Jim Doyle & Ana Garcia Doyle in recognition of their commitment and tenacity in obtaining the first permit in Oak Park to install a greywater system.

6.  Park District of Oak Park in recognition of excellence in the renovation of Taylor Park.

7.  Cary-Laszewski Residence in recognition of being the first house built in Oak Park to obtain LEED Platinum status.

Read more about the work of the 2012 winners