Lost Rivers

"Lost Rivers" poster_en

Filmmaker: Caroline Bacle

TICKETS - Sunday, March 8, 3 PM, Haymarket Pub, Chicago

Once upon a time, in almost every industrial city, countless rivers flowed. We built houses along their banks. Our roads hugged their curves. And their currents fed our mills and factories. But as cities grew, we polluted rivers so much that they became conduits for deadly waterborne diseases like cholera, which was 19th century's version of the Black Plague. Our solution two centuries ago was to bury rivers underground and merge them with sewer networks.

Haymarket Pub's bar will be available for drink purchase during the film and discussion will follow with local experts.  Betsy Hands of Friends of the River, Matt Freer of the Chicago Park District, and Carey Lundin with Jens Jensen of Living Green will open the floor to questions.