Timeline: Fri Nov 7-Mon Dec 15, 2015 (6 weeks).
Deliverable (end product of Phase 3):  Complete description of each film program, including what action partners; what facilitators, panelists or resource people may be sought; what demos or other hands-on activities are envisioned -- described in as much detail as possible. If possible, reach out to some of the partners to get commitments, etc already by 12/15.
Deadline:  Mon Dec 15, 2014 @5P.


During this phase, each of us will take 1-2 films on the final films list (possibly "our" films -- ones we added to the WATCHLIST, reviewed, and recommended) and work in collaboration with Ana and other team members to create suitable, compelling programming for each film. All film programs will involve interactive, audience-focused, facilitated discussion AND visible ACTION opportunities, typically through the inclusion of local advocacy organizations working in that film's topic area. Some film programs may also involve a panel discussion, or a food tasting, or a hands-on demonstration, etc. -- whatever is best suited to drawing out the educational points and solution possibilities related to the film topic.


Phase 3 involves the following steps.
  1. Please review the final films list, ESPECIALLY the  comments in Column B ("Early Program Notes") to determine which 1-2 films for which you would like to be the Program Development Lead.
  2. It would be great if each film had 2 program leads, simply because then there is a greater chance for collaborating together to create an incredible program around each film. I don't know if there's enough of us to go around, so please try to spread yourself to a new film first, before doubling up on one that already has a Program Development Lead listed in Column A. When we meet on Sunday, we can see if people want to double up more (this would mean helping develop more than 1-2 film programs, though).
  3. Please try to select your films quickly, so you still have a choice of your favorite films, especially for ones on which you may have been the first/main reviewer -- for which you would like to remain involve as the Program Lead.
  4. Start thinking of how to create a compelling program for the films on which you are the Program Lead. This is the fun part, and the Film Program Development Checklist will help jog your mind about what opportunities there might be to
    • draw out the key environmental themes in the film
    •  involve relevant Resource People/experts/panelists
    • involve an interactive activity
    • obtain a relevant paying sponsor to underwrite the licensing costs (and more) for this film
    • suggest an appropriate venue (copy of current venues list is here; or perhaps you have new ideas or new ideas for which you have a contact/connection)
    • identify appropriate "action partners" who can provide opportunities for action right there and then after the film, after attendees (hopefully) feel changed and ready to obtain more info or to ACT in some manner.
    • reach the appropriate audience w marketing so they will know about and come to your film program
  5. Complete the steps of the Film Program Development Checklist and capture your responses on a Word document for your own reference.
  6. By Mon 12/15/2014 if possible -- when your vision of each of your film programs is complete and vetted (not just brainstorming, but research-supported, etc) -- please complete the Film Program Description form which will submit it to Ana/Core Team for review/approval, and also to be used as a basis for implementation and marketing each of your film programs.