Timeline: Wed Aug 6-Mon Sept 8, 2015 (4 weeks).
Deliverable (end product of Phase 1):  WATCHLIST of films that have been identified, researched, and appear to meet OEFF film selection criteria.
Deadline: Completed Watchlist due on Mon Sept 15, 2015 @5P.


During Phase 1, we don't typically begin watching films yet. We need 8-12 people to help us conduct good, thorough research to find films that are OEFF2015 possibilities. Strong possibilities are films that -- by their descriptions, trailers, and reviews -- appear likely to meet most/all of the following criteria:
  • Tells a rich story about the above-selected sustainable topic/s.
  • Is broadly compelling and will be relevant to a wide audience.
  • Is recognizable enough to draw a sizable crowd.
  • Compelling enough to spark great, multifaceted post-film conversation.
  • Solution-oriented (showing innovations, possibilities for the future).
  • Engaging to diverse audiences (ages, gender, ethnicity, belief system, etc).
  • Interesting to viewers who are already vested in green.
  • Interesting to viewers who may not yet be that vested in green.
  • High-quality (well-produced, professional).
  • Has the potential to transform.


We are seeking films that have some kind of overt environmental tie, which typically means the films we identify, research, screen, and select generally fall in one or more of the following topic areas:

Built Environment: 
Architecture/Sustainable Building
Climate Change & Advocacy:
Environmental Advocacy
Climate Change & Community Response
Living Systems & The Environment:
Sustainable Food/Agriculture
Health & The Environment
Wildlife (Landscapes, Plants, Soil, Animals, Habitat)
Resource Conservation & Recovery:
Resources: Waste & Recycling
Resources: Water
Environmental & Social Justice:
Social Justice
Other (Environment-related):
Historical Perspectives
People & Cultures


Phase 1 involves the following steps.


1. UNCOVERING compelling environmental films (typically, fairly recent ones if possible) by:

  • Tapping  your networks via word of mouth, email, etc for recommended environmental films that they've heard of/seen/loved.
  • Signing up to review lists of films that have been featured at other national and international environmental film festivals.


2. RESEARCHING "uncovered" films to determine whether they seem likely to meet the above film selection criteria, by:
  • Watching their trailers
  • Reading descriptions/synopses, reviews, and articles about them


3. CREATING a comprehensive list (we call this a WATCHLIST) of all films you have uncovered, researched, and are definitely recommending we watch (screen) for OEFF2015 consideration. Your personal WATCHLIST comprising the results of the above-described process is due on or before Sept 15, 2015 @5P. You can either: