Timeline: Mon Sept 8-Fri Nov 7 (2 months)
Deliverable (end product of Phase 2):  FINAL LIST of films that have been screened, reviewed (using the Report Card), and are the final contenders for featuring in OEFF2015.
Halfway Deadline: Please complete at screening and “first reviewer” Report Card rating of at least 4 films by Mon Oct 6, 2014 @5P.
Deadline: Completed Final Films List due on Fri Nov 7, 2015 @5P.


During Phase 2, our expanded team of film selectors and "2nd reviewers" will order, download, screen, and rate all the films on our team-completed WATCHLIST. Remember, the WATCHLIST was the end product of Phase 1. We will also "battle it out" at the end of Phase 2 to come up with a list of 30-40 WATCHLIST films that we recommend for the final OEFF2015 film program. The end product of Phase 2 is the Final Films List. All films will be identified by topic area, the entire list of films will have already been balanced by representation of various topic areas (eg energy, water, transportation) -- and early discussions of what rich programming could look like will already have taken place.


Phase 2 involves the following steps.


1. Sign up for Watchlist films to screen & rate. Visit the Watchlist and select at least 6 films for which you can be the MAIN REVIEWER. Type your name in as the main reviewer in Column B (yellow column).

2. Obtain a copy of the films you signed up for ASAP. To obtain a copy of the full film, you can:
  • Visit the Oak Park, River Forest, or Chicago Public Libraries to borrow copies of the films, if they are not new releases and are more broadly-available.
  • Write to the contact email address on the film's official website, introducing yourself and One Earth Film Festival, and requesting a free screening copy either on DVD per post -- or (PREFERABLY) via an online screening link (usually with a password that they will provide to you). You can use THIS DOCUMENT (Template #1)  -- just cut and paste it into your email, and customize the parts in yellow to be specific for your needs.
  • Search Netflix, Vimeo, or iTunes to see if a (free or paid) copy of the full film is accessible online. *If you incur costs to screen a film please submit a receipt for your payment to Ana via email attachment or as a printout (bring to a meeting); we will reimburse you if you the films you need to screen are unavailable through either of the first 2 methods (library loan, free film screening link from filmmaker or distribution company).


3. Watch each of the films thoughtfully, and have a copy of the film Report Card (printed or pulled up on your computer) available for reference. Before you watch, review the Report Card questions briefly, to get a sense of what we're seeking in OEFF films and to understand what attributes of the film you'll be asked to evaluate later. As you watch, complete whatever easy details you can on the Film Report Card while you are screening the film -- film topic area/s, running time, release year, filmmaker names, etc. As soon as possible after you watch the film, complete the remainder of the Report Card for it, and submit it online. No films will be considered for OEFF2015 without a completed report card and at least a 2nd review.

4. COLOR CODE the Watchlist for each of the films you watch, as soon as possible after you watch them. If you are having trouble color-coding your films, please contact Ana ASAP per email( and she can do it for you.

  • YELLOW= not sure/2nd or 3rd reviewer needed. Say in Column B whether you're getting your own 2nd reviewer or whether Ana should recruit one.
  • GREY = not recommended for OEFF2015.
  • GREEN = definitely recommended for OEFF2015. Still need to obtain a 2nd reviewer on your own or let Ana know you need one. If obtaining one on your own, type their name as the 2nd reviewer in Column B so we know it's been worked on; provide them the film access link (tell them it's confidential and NOT to share it) and a link to the Report Card. Give them a deadline by when they should screen & rate the film on a Report Card.
  • PINK = 2nd or 3rd review in process.
  • TURQUOISE = important film --  needs reviewer/s! (doesn't have any yet)
  • RED = film not yet available; consider for OEFF2016.


5. Complete all Watchlist cells in all rows for each of your GREEN films. This include obtaining licensing costs for screening to an audience of 50, 100, 150, and 200. You may use THIS DOCUMENT (Template #2) to email the filmmaker or distribution company with a licensing inquiry; just cut and paste it into your email, and customize the parts in yellow to be specific for your needs.


6.  Sign up as a 2nd or 3rd reviewer for other Watchlist films. These are the YELLOW rows, which have been previously screened but for which additional reviews are requested/needed, or GREEN rows for which there has only been one reviewer. For any films you are 2nd-reviewing, please also submit a Film Report Card as soon as possible after screening them. You do not need to color-code anything on the Watchlist related to 2nd or 3rd reviews. Ana will integrate your Report Card feedback into the Watchlist.

Completion of the above-described steps is due on or before Fri N0v 7, 2015 @5P, please. Please shoot to have half of your 6 films done by the halfway deadline of Oct 6, 2014 @5P.