oak park conservatory

Free Exploration Station for Kids at the Oak Park Conservatory



Every Saturday morning, September – May, from 10:00 a.m. to noon and school holidays.  It’s FREE!

Docents help children and others learn through interactive displays and games in the showrooms.

New topics every month.  Here are the topics for February - May 2012:

  • February topic: “Chocolate” Chocolate grows on trees.  Look at the cacao tree in the Conservatory. Then learn now chocolate is extracted from the cacao pods and becomes the product we eat.
  • March topic:  “Birds” Birds have many different kinds of feet and beaks.  Why?  Some birds can fly long distances.  Others can hardly fly at all.  Learn lots about birds.
  • April topic:  “Sugar! Sugar! How Sweet It Is!” Sugar in the sugar bowl comes from sugar cane or sugar beets.  But what about honey, molasses, raisins or maple syrup?  Learn more about all kinds of sugar.
  • May topic:  “Flowers & Pollinators” How important are bees and bats?  What is pollen?  How does pollen get transferred from one flower to the other?  Just how do bees see?  Learn more about all of this in May.

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