Help Stop Fracking in Illinois


Please call into the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules today, and daily through Sept 15th, about the rules for fracking and say- "Please prohibit the rules for fracking.  The IDNR did not develop detailed plans for air pollution, radiation, seismicity and chemical disclosure that will actually protect Illinois residents from fracking related harm.  And what's up with the IDNR charging such low fines? Fracking can harm people, animals and the environment - why give the industry a pass?   The IDNR is understaffed and underfunded. They admit it themselves. They are not ready to take on the daunting task of regulating this dangerous industry.  We ask that you prohibit the rules for fracking." 12 calls to 12 members of the committee, in 6 days -- we can do this! Their office numbers can be found here:

If JCAR, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, votes to prohibit the rules then that would shoot a hole in the hydraulic fracturing program in Illinois and would send the regulations back to the General Assembly for a do over -- yahoo!

The rules can be found at:

The IDNR admits, in their responses to the over 30,000 public comments about fracking, that they are understaffed, and that they face many challenges and unknowns about the daunting task of regulating of the fracking industry. (You can find it on page 14):

Thanks for making these calls and passing this to your contacts, Frack Free Illinois

League of Women Voters Presents: Fracking, Frack-cidents & Frackonomics

William Rau

Fracking, Frack-cidents & Frackonomics:  What are Fracking's Dangers, Who will be Protected & Who will Benefit?

Have you been hearing about Fracking but want to learn more.  Here is a great opportunity:

League of Women Voters of Oak Park and River Forest will be hosting William C. Rau, Professor Emeritus, Illinois State University & Spokesperson for Illinois People's Action, as keynote speaker on Thursday, May 22, 2014,  7:30 PM. Oak Park Main Library, 834 Lake St.  (Second Floor, Veterans Room).  ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS interested in IL Fracking legislation are invited to attend a FREE keynote address.  No need to RSVP.   See flyer for more information.

The keynote address will be preceded at 6:30 PM by the League of Women Voters Annual Meeting for Members Only. 

After passage last May, the press hailed the Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Act (HFA) as featuring the "nation's toughest regulations," and Governor Quinn claimed it contained the "nation's strongest environmental protections."  In turn, the oil & gas industry touted fracking as a "game changer" offering a low-cost energy bonanza that will promote national energy independence, economic development, and job growth. Environmental and public health risks were presented as modest, manageable through regulation, and offset by significant benefits.

This presentation will examine these claims and show fracking to be inherently dangerous everywhere while focusing on risks specific to Southern Illinois including extensive floodplains, active earthquake zones capable of magnitude 7+ quakes, and one of the most radioactive oilfields in the US.