Social Justice: Economy 2016

Banking Nature


Saturday March 5th, 7 pm/ Northwestern University/ Tickets

Post-film discussion will feature a panel of experts who will demystify some important innovations in conservation strategy.The event is co-sponsored by Northwestern's Environmental Policy and Culture Department, and the panel will include Mark Witte, Department of Economics, Northwestern University; Jason Funk, Senior Climate Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists; Tom Hodgman, Director of Conservation Transactions for NatureVest, the impact investment unit of The Nature Conservancy. Facilitator: Dorie Blesoff, Adjunct Faculty, Northwestern University - SESP/LOC

Dennis Delestra & Sandrine Feydel/ 2014/ 52 min/ Social Justice: Economy

FILM DESCRIPTION: Banking Nature is a provocative documentary that looks at the growing movement to monetize the natural world—and to turn endangered species and threatened areas into instruments of profit. It's a worldview that sees capital and markets not as a threat to the planet, but as its salvation—turning nature into "natural capital" and fundamental processes such as pollination and oxygen generation into "ecosystem services."