Grand Opening of the OPRF High School’s "Herban" Garden

Remarks by Russell Trenary, OPRF High School class of 2011 - shared at the Grand Opening Ceremony:

This garden despite its small area, has a great potential benefit for the school.  First and foremost, this garden provides our cafeteria a readily available and free source of fresh, organic produce. While we must credit OPRF's food service in their efforts to purchase produce from nearby farms, this garden takes local food to whole new level.  The industrialized food production system, from fertilization to transportation, is one of the most environmentally damaging industries. This garden is a step in the right direction -- away from such a system.

In the coming years we hope to see the current garden be just one section of an expanding urban food production system at OPRF and in the community.  Moreover, the educational impacts of this garden should be fully recognized. The disassociating effects of the industrial food system can be greatly alleviated by the reminder that this garden provides -- the reminder that food should come from soil, sun and not too much else.  And while the garden may be small now, it is at the forefront of a rapidly expanding movement in this country principled in the reclaiming of food, whole and simple.

Finally, this garden is proof that cooperative efforts motivated by common interest are not only possible but have great potential for success. These stone walls will last many decades into the future and the movement will undoubtedly grow in that time.  Have a good evening and come visit often as this garden is an evolving entity.