Oak Park IL residents -- to opt for 100% renewable (green) energy, please follow the instructions below. On April 11, the fossil-based plan was selected as the primary energy default for Oak Park IL., but residents ACTING BY MAY 8 will be able to select a renewable energy alternative at one tenth of a cent per kilowatt hour more. For the average energy user in Oak Park, this is about 91 cents more per month than the default (brown) plan. More information from the Village about opting into the green plan is here. Scroll down for background and updates on this topic. The following instructions are courtesy of Village Manager's Association's Facebook page. *Click the image below to enlarge.


   >>>>>MORE ACTIONS! Let's show our overwhelming support for green energy in our community.

  1. After you OPT INTO the GREEN (renewable) energy plan using instructions above, please TELL OTHERS TO DO SO BY MAY 8 DEADLINE.
  2. Spread the word by SHARING a link to this page in an email to your networks, or in your social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc).