This page is for use by the One Earth Film Festival Planning Team (comprised of members of all 7 sub-teams). It will reflect ongoing Planning Team and sub-team updates and news, as well as a list of KEY DOCUMENTS (scroll down, please) for use by the team/s. The 4th annual One Earth Film Festival will take place March 6-8, 2015. Key background info about the Festival is in the Fast Facts one-pager

LATEST NEWS! (Updated 9 December 2014, Tuesday)

Some cool new documents are available (see DOCUMENTS below) that you can use in spreading the word about OEFF2015, and in approaching possible sponsors, venues, or partners. The FULL LIST is below. The new documents are a letter of support from the City of Chicago Dept of Sustainability and our Fast Facts one-pager (background about OEFF).

Please email Ana as soon as you can with the following info:

  • your t-shirt size ASAP: Mens S/Mens M/Mens L/Mens XL/ Women's S/Women's M/Women's L.
  • whether you are available for a tabling opportunity at an event on 1/31/2015 (Wild Things conference - more info coming) or an event on 2/22/2015 (Volunteer Fair at Nature Museum - more info coming).
  • whether you would like to appear in a 30 second video we are creating about OEFF.


Planning Team Opportunities! Please email ASAP if you can help w any of the following:

  • Help now through year-end with FUNDRAISING. Will make it turnkey/easy, if you can commit several hours per week for the next 2-3 weeks. Email
  • MARKETING - don't forget to take the steps described in our social media guide.
  • Co-lead/small team to lead VOLUNTEER COORDINATION.
  • 1-2 people to help VENUES team with planning the OPENING EVENT (to take place in Chicago on Mar 6. 2015 @6:30P) and CLOSING EVENT (to take place in Oak Park area Mar 8, 2015 @6:30P)
  • Invite a friend to join our planning team! Refer them to; Ana will give full info about all the subteams and where we could use help!


Cool News!

  • We received a great letter of support from Karen Weigert, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Chicago. Use it widely to gain support from prospective partners and sponsors.
  • We are preliminarily accepted to hold a film screening at the Chicago Cultural Center. We are awaiting final acceptance; cross fingers!
  • We are in discussions with some great potential sponsors and partners, including Oxfam, Whole Foods Market, Pepsi, 6 universities, 5 congregations, 4 public libraries, and more.
  • We are in discussions for partners in Lake County and DuPage County to potentially be a part of OEFF2015


If you are willing, please use your email "signature stamp" to promote OEFF from now until the Festival. Here is how it will look (you will adjust with your name and contact info, of course). Here's how to do it for your email provider:


LATEST NEWS! (Updated 24 November 2014, Monday)

  • Updated 20 Nov 2014 (Mon): WELCOME to the One Earth Film Festival 2015 Planning Team, and THANKS to those who were able to join us for our kickoff meeting last week, Monday Nov 17 at the Oak Park Conservatory. We couldn't do this without you -- and we had a great, productive meeting -- including a little food and a little fun -- and enjoyed time brainstorming in our sub-teams to continue our work. Here is a Powerpoint document of the presentation we used to guide our meeting. Some requests from the meeting for all team members were to:



  • Meeting #1: Monday, 17 November 2014 @7-8:30P, Oak Park Conservatory (615 Garfield Street, Oak Park IL) , across from blue line L Oak Park stop.
  • Meeting #2: Tuesday, 6 January 2015 @6:30-8:30P, Oak Park Public Library 2nd Floor Veteran's Room (834 Lake Street, Oak Park IL). Oak Park Public Library (main branch) is walking distance from green line Oak Park Avenue L stop. Light food/refreshments will be offered.
  • Meeting #3: Thursday, 12 February 2015 @6:30-8:30P, Oak Park Public Library 2nd Floor Veteran's Room (834 Lake Street, Oak Park IL). Oak Park Public Library (main branch) is walking distance from green line Oak Park Avenue L stop. Light food/refreshments will be offered.



There are 7 sub-teams that together comprise the One Earth Film Fest Planning Team. Typically, we have had about 40 volunteers helping for several months in the run-up to the Festival, producing the various elements needed for it to run smoothly. Another 150 or so volunteers typically join us during Fest weekend, the first full weekend in March.


DOCUMENTS: Please download + forward as you see fit to help us meet our goals!








Young Filmmakers Contest



Please email Ana with any terrific quotes to incorporate into meeting presentations, and/or to add to this quote-log! :-)

  • When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. - Audre Lorde
  • People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. - George Bernard Shaw
  • The root of joy is gratefulness. - David Steindl-Rast
  • Hope is like a road in the country: there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. Lin Yutang