2016 Winners

The One Earth…Our Earth Young Filmmakers Contest is pleased and proud to announce the winners for 2016! Their films premiered at the One Earth Film Festival, March 4-6.

High School category: Liam Loughran. “Transportation.” A film about public transportation. Young Filmmaker attends Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Transportation from Liam Loughran on Vimeo.

Middle School category: Kendall Dirks. "Cutting Carbon Emissions." A film about transportation. Young Filmmaker attends Sandburg Middle School in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Cutting CARbon Emissions from Lisa Gerhold on Vimeo.

Elementary School category: Miles Toppen and Carter Workman. "Pretty Nice Island--The Movie." A film about waste, transportation, and energy. Young Filmmakers attend Willard School in River Forest, Illinois.

Pretty Nice Island - The Movie from Margot Toppen on Vimeo.

2016 Honorable Mention

High School level: Veronika Lubeck, Kate Conneely, Emma Alm, Katherine Cusack, and Sarah Whiteside. “Trinity Team Green.” A film about waste. Young Filmmakers attend Trinity High School in River Forest, Illinois.

Trinity Green Team from Emma Alm on Vimeo.

High School level: Marieke de Koker. “Iaglo” A stop-motion animation about waste and water pollution. Young Filmmaker attends Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan. Password is: iaglo. Although this entry did not meet the criteria of presenting a solution, we applaud its originality.

Iaglo from Marieke de Koker on Vimeo.

Middle School level: Alex Schrader, Zoe Klein and Amanda Janusz of Eco Eagles. "What's in Your Lunch?" A film about food. Young Filmmakers attend Brooks Middle School in Oak Park, Illlinois.

What's In Your Lunch? from Laura Stamp on Vimeo.

2015 Winners

  • High School category: Hinsdale Central Ecology Club. “Why Have a Garden?” A film about food by Josh Feldman, Stephanie Jamilla, Claire Hultquist, Wendy Li, and Rachel Chang. Young Filmmakers attend Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois.
  • Middle School category: Kelly Colbert Adam, Annie Nuntarach, Veronica Brooks, and Emily Kerstetter. "Unplugged: a Short Video about Saving Energy." A film about energy. Young Filmmakers attend Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest, Illinois.
  • Elementary School category: Ezra Nudd and Kian Tan. "Peregrine Falcons." A film about saving animals. Young Filmmakers attend Keystone Montessori in River Forest, Illinois.

2014 Winners

  • High School category: Hinsdale Central Ecology Club. “What Will You Do?” A film about transportation by Stephanie Jamilla, Josh Feldman, Rachel Chang, and Wendy Li.  Young Filmmakers attend Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois.
  • Middle School category: Pineapple Productions: Ana Shack, Lillian Lowson, Marta Rohner, Isabella Saracco, Haley Gladden, and Cia Gladden.  "Earth 2114." A film about water usage and resources.  Young Filmmakers attend Roosevelt Middle school in River Forest, Illinois.
  • Elementary School category: Jaxon Toppen, Danny Scholvin and Ray Deogracias. "Where Did The Rest of Us Go?" A film about electronic waste.  Young Filmmakers attend  Willard Elementary School in River Forest, Illinois.


2013 Winners

Elementary School Category

Wasteful Santa -Talia Levy, Elizabeth Larscheid, Ella Haas, Isabel Marx - Mann School

Middle School Category

Sporktagion: HEAT (Heritage Earth Action Team) - Heritage Middle School

High School Category

Let's Talk About Water - Lea Kichler - Lincoln Park High School