One Earth Film Fest 2016 Films and Schedule are here!

One Earth Film Fest returns March 4-6, 2016 for its milestone 5th annual event. The festival will showcase 35 thought-provoking films on a variety of environmental topics in the Chicagoland area.  One Earth brings you engaging films that will educate and inspire. Each screening is followed by interactive discussion and may also include Q&A with filmmakers, local experts and opportunities for action. Check below for more information on One Earth 2016’s film programs and fest weekend schedule. While almost all screenings are FREE with suggested donation of $5 per screening, advanced ticket reservations are recommended.  Get tickets for screenings now.

One Earth 2016 Full Program Guide

See our 2016 Program Guide to read about all films and programs that will follow each screening event. Thank you to all the facilitators, panelists and organizations involved in One Earth Film Festival's film programs!

One Earth 2016 Schedule

Start to plan your festival weekend with One Earth's full schedule. Find a detailed schedule of film screenings by date, time and venue location. Schedule is subject to change. Check back to see up-to-date changes! Download the PDF of the festival schedule here!

Films by Name

See a list of films by name and watch the trailers to find out more about the amazing films One Earth will showcase.

Films by Topic

What topic are you most passionate about? One Earth brings you films covering sustainable topics such as climate change, food & agriculture, waste & recycling, health & the environment, social justice, wildlife, water and more. Find a list of films by topic.

One Earth 2016 Location Clusters

For the first time since the birth of the festival, One Earth has chosen seven different geographic locations to help you get the most out of your weekend! One Earth will showcase film screenings in venues throughout the city of Chicago, including Downtown, its North Side, West Side and South Side and its Pilsen neighborhood, Near-West Suburbs, Lake County and DuPage County. See film screening schedule by location.

Pre-Event Screenings

Get excited for the big weekend early with One Earth's pre-event screenings. We will have a number of early screenings of films that will be shown during the fest weekend, just for you!

Young Filmmakers Awards & Film Schedule

Come celebrate One Earth's Young Filmmakers by attending the Young Filmmakers film screening and awards events. See what great films our filmmakers have come up with!

One Earth For the Family

One Earth 2016 will have films and programs for everyone! Make your weekend a family affair with family screening events. One Earth will showcase screenings for children and teens as well as general audiences.