Welcome to the Film Team Hub for One Earth Film Fest 2014!  This page was created for members of the Film Selection Team to help streamline the review and selection process, and to provide key information about the overall Festival and relevant happenings within the other subgroups (Marketing, Sponsorship, Venues/Events, Young Filmmakers Contest, Logistics, and Volunteers). The Festival takes place Fri-Sun Mar 7-9, 2014 in multiple concurrent venues around Oak Park & River Forest IL. This year, we will also be expanding into Chicago with 2-3 large "pilot" venues. The OEFF2014 young filmmakers contest is accepting submissions between NOW and Jan 12, 2014 (cash prizes, matching grants, and a chance for a world premiere screening of winning films!). More info about OEFF in general is below ("Important OEFF Info!").  

UPCOMING DEADLINES (also see UPCOMING MEETINGS below, for info about how deadlines/meetings relate):

  • MON 12/2 end of day: COMPLETED processing of PICKLIST -- i.e., select ("pick"), obtain, watch, and rate/review up to 8 films from the WATCHLIST (one reviewer per film, please). *at 9P on 12/2, Ana will begin organizing the global GO-LIST in preparation for the *VERY IMPORTANT* 12/8 final film selection meeting.
  • THURS 12/5 by NOON: Categorize all PICKLIST films by greying "no's" out, marking "go's" in greenProvide complete, detailed info on all GO-LIST films, especially Topic Category column (complete ALL Watchlist columns in detail for each of your top recommended "Go-List" films). Attend a meeting on Sun 12/8 to "hash out" and fight for your Go-List films to be included in the final film selection.
  • FRI 12/13 by NOON: Obtain detailed licensing info so we can purchase the license ASAP; help provide contact names of filmmaker/distributor and help obtain 2 DVD copies through them; submit final ideas for the film program for each of your Go-List films. This is in preparation for the Mon 12/16 meeting.


  • FRI 10/11: Completion of WATCHLIST (research phase for identifying good films; the Watchlist is master list of films to consider for OEFF2014



  • Meeting #4: Sun 12/8 @5:30P (Ana's house). AgendaBIG MEETING to "hash out" top films for film program. You must be there to advocate for "your" top film selections, or they may not have a "sponsor" to help get them selected! *See film process guidelines to familiarize yourself with what's needed to shepherd a film through and advocate for final film selection. Also remember the attributes we're seeking in films, which are outlined in the Report Card doc.
  • Meeting #5: Mon 12/16 @7P (Ana's house). Agenda: Discussion of complete film programming for all selected films. Eg., should the film have a panel discussion? Q&A w the filmmaker? a relevant healthy food or drink tasting? a demonstration? what else would bring depth and strengthen film topics, if incorporated into a SHORT (30-45 min) program after the film is shown?
  • Planning Team meetings (to which all film team members are invited) begin Mon 12/9. Pls see below for info.

Our 3rd film team meeting was on Tues 11/19.  I did not send out minutes, but the agenda was as follows -- Touch base on PICKLIST PROCESSING (status, troubleshooting, etc), discuss top films already recommended for final program, begin to "arrange" draft of what a final program could look like.

Our 2nd film team meeting was on Wed 10/16. We had a small group, but enjoyed a productive 2-hour session. On the Agenda was : Discussion of PICKLIST processing- picking, obtaining, watching, reviewing films. Films that are already bubbling up to the top of your lists, topic check to see if we have enough films in the various topic areas, etc. For complete meeting minutes, see hereFor Powerpoint used to guide discussion, see hereFor the focus quote used to open the meeting, see here.

Our first film team meeting of the OEFF2014 was 9/16/2013 with about 12 (out of our 20-person team) in attendance. Thanks to all who were able to make it, we had a very productive meeting! We propose 3 more 90-minute meetings. For complete meeting minutes, see hereFor Powerpoint used to guide discussion, see hereFor the focus quote used to open the meeting, see here.

*PLANNING TEAM CHECK-IN MEETINGS will begin monthly, starting Mon 12/9 @7:30P at Euclid Ave United Methodist Church, 405 S. Euclid Ave in Oak Park. you are not required to attend, but all interested members of all OEFF2014 subteams (film team, marketing, sponsors, venues, events, logistics, volunteer coordination) are invited to participate. it is a good chance to hear from other teams, meet folks who have been working steadily (as we have) in the other subteams, and start to connect the dots with work that is happening across the spectrum. please join us if you can. schedule of planning team meetings is as follows:

  • Mon 12/9/13 @7:30P
  • Mon 1/6/14 @7:30P
  • Mon 2/3/14 @7:30P
  • Mon 2/24/14 @7:30P
          pls join us if you can!


  1. Master Film List documentPlease be very careful when utilizing this document, so as not to delete or overwrite anything inadvertently.
  2. Complete One Earth Film Fest (OEFF) Review Process & Guidelines are here. Please use these to guide your work as you select and review films over the coming days/weeks. Reach out right away with any questions, if some arise!
  3. Film Team Roles & Goals are here; the document includes goals of the One Earth Film Fest as well. Pls read this if you haven't already, to help ground you in the context of the One Earth Film Fest, and in the context of our team.
  4. Outreach Templates are here. Please feel free to copy/paste and then customize these letters to send to filmmakers and others via email. There are templates to help you request free screening copies of films, for requesting licensing info, and more.
  5. OEFF2014 Film Report Card is here. Please complete a report card immediately after watching each film (so it is fresh in your mind)-- filling in every section -- for EACH film on your PICKLIST that you watch, whether you liked it or not. Then, please email it to Ana ASAP. Instructions for downloading your own copy of the Report Card to work with are at the top of the Report Card document itself.
  6. Early info about OEFF2014 (more info forthcoming).


  • Film Team is just a piece of the whole. It takes many hands to run this event (OEFF2013 drew 2,000 attendees), so our Film Selection Team is one among many subteams. The others are: Marketing, Sponsorship, Venues/Events, Young Filmmakers Contest, Logistics, and Volunteers. Aside from Film Team meetings (dates described above), there Planning Team meetings, which involve leaders and interested members of any/all OEFF2014 subteams. You are invited to these meetings (Ana will forward you the invites), and it is a good way to keep abreast of what is happening in the other subteams (since there are obviously synergies between work & information flowing between the subteams) -- but you are not required to be at the Planning Team meetings if you are uninterested or unavailable.
  • One Earth . . . Our Earth! Young Filmmakers Contest. Please spread the word NOW!
  • Info about last year's OEFF2013 -- which featured over 40 films over one weekend and drew more than 2,000 attendees -- is here; here are links to press, featured films, schedule, and sponsors.
  • Background on the inaugural One Earth Film Fest 2012 including press, program schedule, and descriptions.
  • Survey Reports from last year's inaugural One Earth Film Fest 2012, and from the 2013 One Earth Film Fest. (Forthcoming.)



Here is info you can share amongst your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors & networks to help us pack the seats for the movies YOU have selected -- and to generally ensure a successful, vibrant, well-attended OEFF2014.

  • Consider creating a signature stamp in your personal email that looks something like this (include links for each of the separate lines). That way, all emails you send will already be notifying people about OEFF2014.

Ana Garcia Doyle, One Earth Film Fest Film Selection Committee *Save the Date! One Earth Film Festival 2014 will take place Fri-Sun, Mar 7-9!*                                           *Spread the Word! One Earth . . . Our Earth! Young Filmmakers Contest accepting submissions through Jan 12, 2014!*                                 *Press about One Earth Film Festival 2013!*                                                                                 http://www.facebook.com/OneEarthFilmFest                                               http://twitter.com/OneEarthFF

  • Let people know NOW about the Young Filmmakers Contest, which offers opportunities for students grades 3-college to create original films about environmental topics, and to compete for cash prizes, matching grants, and the chance for their short film to have its world premiere screening at OEFF2014 in March! Encourage your children, teachers, afterschool programs, anyone you know who is affiliated with any local school (elementary through college level), or involved on any level with young folks -- to invite their kids, classes, etc to enter!
  • Start thinking now whether you know folks who'd like to join the Planning Team in some capacity -- marketing, sponsorship, venues/events, logistics, or volunteer coordination. If you DO know people, please forward them Ana's email (gardoyle@hotmail.com, Ana Garcia Doyle). Or send me their contact info and what they are interested in, and someone will contact them if they prefer that.
  • Start thinking now about your network relative to the films you are screening & recommending for the Film Fest. Do you want to invite your child's school or after school programs to attend the children's films you helped pick (and maybe they get extra credit for coming!)? Do you think all your yoga, athlete, foodie, and wellness friends would be especially interested in watching that GMO film you selected for the final program? Start spreading the word about those films (once they are final) in email, in conversations, in social media, etc.
  • COMING SOON! A "Marketing Toolkit" online. This will be a web page from where we can take boilerplate text to cut & paste into emails, or to post in social networking, etc.



  • See below for Short Films to Fire Us Up. If you have something to add to this list, please email the link to Ana.
  • If you'd like to share a document with the group, please upload it to http://docs.google.com and notify the group per email of its location.